The Importance of Hope

When we are plunged into darkness and can’t see anything beyond what’s right in front of us, how can we expect to know which way to go? If there’s nothing guiding our way, we likely will walk further into the darkness. When we see that guiding star or light at the end of the tunnel, that’s when our spirits are lifted. We are no longer lost. We are able to set fear aside and trudge towards a goal.

For Christians, such as myself, God provides that guidance. For drug addicts, they usually need something more tangible. This is one of the many reasons I am an advocate for halfway houses.

When when Laura was in rehab, on many occasions she expressed her fears and discouragement to me. She said “What difference is this going to make? When I get out I’ll still have no job, no car, nowhere to live” That mindset can absolutely contribute to relapse. When someone wants to live a sober life but they can’t see any support system to help them achieve it, they may find it easier to turn back to old friends and old habits.

Matt was released from prison a few weeks ago. He didn’t want to go to a halfway house but, faced with homelessness and realizing that his former friends weren’t there for him anymore, he took us up on our offer to help get him into one. I have to say, the transformation has been amazing! He’s sharing a home with a group of men who have all been in his shoes. He is attending AA meetings 5 times a week and recently mentioned to us that he got a sponsor. We’ve been able to have a couple of visits with him that have both been encouraging. The last visit we had, I was able to see him behaving more like the old Matt, the pre-drug-use Matt. Seeing him this way has been so good for David and I!

He called us this morning. He was so excited and he just wanted to tell his Dad that he got a new job. He’s been working in fast food service the last couple of weeks but this job will be a potential career. He starts next week working a job where they will be training him in a specific trade. I could just hear his smile through the phone! He’s feeling hope for his future. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and seeing potential for a life that allows him to take responsibility for himself and live independently. This is something so essential, especially for men. Knowing they can provide for themselves and others has a big impact on how they feel about themselves.

I am feeling more encouraged every day. The support that he’s receiving in this halfway house is changing him. This group of men is lifting him up, encouraging him, holding him accountable, and teaching him a better way of life. I have repeatedly prayed for this and I truly believe this is his best option for long term sobriety. God is answering my prayers for Matt and I am more than grateful!

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