Sarah is my youngest. She’s has a beautiful soul! She’s kind and empathetic and she’s so funny! I could write a whole new blog from the humor this girl brings into our lives. She has had the ability to make me smile in the worst moments of life. I thank God for her.

Sarah has been the innocent bystander among the other kids. She loves her siblings dearly and hates to see them suffering. Those siblings that she loves unconditionally have really pushed her to the limit though. She’s been lied to and stolen from. She’s been asked to keep secrets no child should have to keep. She’s been so angry at them for disrupting the family and taking the innocence and naivete from her before she’s ready to let go of it.

Sarah is strong though and committed to helping others. She always says that she learns by watching others. She’s learned a lot about what not to do by watching her older siblings and, although it’s unfair for her to have to learn about such difficult things in life so young, she will absolutely use these lessons to better the world around her.